Sunday 12 April 2015

Time to raise the party bids

Here we are several days in to the election caring and the Tories are in panic mode..They've firmed the Crosby guns - fear of Labour-fear of Ed-shock horror and possible mass rate to come-the  UK spit with Nicola Sturgeon dictating policy -business reduced to terror -the rich leaving the sinking ship -and none of it has worked. Worse. Labour has edged ahead producing the kind of desperation shown by Fallon"s desperate assault on Miliband for fratricide and propensity to surrender Britain to whoever cares to occupy it at the moment while the press gets more and more hysterical in its denunciations Labour, it's policies, it's leaders its prospects and its dirty underpants anything in fact that comes to hand.

That panic has turned the election into a contest between doomsters about who could reduce the deficit and reinforce the cuts fast enough into a bidding war about who can offer most. Suddenly the Tories having proclaimed more spending impossible produce eight billion for the Health Service to save it from extinction, a freeze on ticket prices  for commuters,time off from public service for co month service  and all sorts of other goodies all plucked,unconstitutional and unfounded out of desperation to please. Labour too has upped the ante, more midwives, doctors for every geriatric, even more spending on cancer patients.

Thank God. we're back now with elections as they should be - gift bonanzas in which the parties compete to promise even more to the electorate.Why? Because all the parties are running scared and minor parties are promising even more . The moral is  we must keep it up. Keep them running sacred. Don't let any party edge ahead and we might even get more generous promises about running the economy in the way the country needs like scrap austerity, increase wages and benefits,move back to full employment, stop foreign takeovers and rebuild manufacturing to take us back to where we used to be ( and need to be again)

It's  crucial now to  end the obsession with reducing debt, ending the deficit and balancing the budget.Nothing could be worse in a situation of recession, high unemployment and low demand. The parties will never realise this in their desperate competition to be virtuous and show themselves responsible The electorate which wants better times and an end to misery can  bring them to sense by keeping them scared and sensitive to the needs of real people in the real world.

The Tories,who've been telling us for four years there's no money to spare for anything but paying off debt are now splashing out tax cuts: inheritance tax,income tax help with deposits are all suddenly possible. Keeping the parties scared and the election undecided has one other enormous benefit. It keeps the pound falling in value, the necessary boost to Britain's exporting industries to restore our ability to pay our way in the world The dollar will go up as the Ged decides to increase interest rates. The Euro will come down as the Euro crisis get's worse. So keep the pound committing  and we get more jobs too. Electoral uncertainty is a win win win situation for the people and the economy.

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