Wednesday 8 April 2015


It really amazing that a nation which breeds societies for the prevention of cruelty to cats dogs horses tarantulas and snow leopards we've not done anything to protect the rich and allow them to enjoy their money free of fear and threat .Why should they be reduced to sheer terror every time Ed Balls or Ed Milliband opens his mouth.

It can't be right that they should have live with their bags packed ready to leave at a moments notice if there's any prospect of a referendum on membership of the EU. Nor is it healthy if they're under threat of being forced to sell their houses at a loss and move to some tiny hovel in Barnsley  if a mansion tax is proposed on houses worth over two million a pathetically congested cottage for those who own so much of the nation's wealth.

No one who contributes so much should have live in fear in this way.If they have to struggle so hard just to protect their money they're not going to be able to invest it. Nor will they be happy let it trickle down to the rest if government is take it off them. In the name of enterprise and justice they'll be forced to employ accountants and clever lawyers rather than workers,paying fees to the tax avoidance industry rather than giving it to charity as they really want.

Surely it's time to giver to the deserving rich rather than give way to the politics of envy by taking it away from them.Send your cheques to MORE, the Campaign for the rich, Care of Price Waterhouse Coopers.


Love the way that LibDems having betrayed their commitment to scrap tuition gees now attack Labour's proposal to reduce them as a gift to the wealthy.It's a gift to all students and a step on the way to total abolition and the restoration of means tested grants.But let those who've opted out of the state system and gone into private education pay full fees.They obviously prefer to pay rather than depend on the state.


Labour's hit on a good strategy with the Non Doms announcement. A bombshell a day keeps the Tories at bay.

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