Sunday 26 April 2015

Futile and Fun Free

Elections excite, stimulate,decide,clarify and change. But not this.Britain' first futile election ushers in a new era and a new politics but provides none of the usual benefits.

It's futile for.the two major parties because they're fighting for power and a majority to govern but neither can get it. It's futile for the growing number of minors because they're setting out attractive programmes which they've no hope of implementing.

It's futile for the electorate which wants change but isn't sure what. It's futile for the nation which has clear and pressing problems like a 6% balance of trade gap,,a 6% public revenue gap and a growing productivity gap and is kept going only by record personal and public debt levels and  yet offered no solution to any of these problems

The election can't and won't do it's job..Instead it's going to usher in a new era of poli tcal uncertainty in which government's have to be cobbled together,,can't impose their will or whim  and must fix a majority together for whatever they want to do..That's the system which operates in most EU countries and now in New Zealand.

It's sesitive to public opinion and the wishes of minor parties and groups. It's less brutal than the British and less likely to impose Thatchemrite ideologies, harsh austerity or other punishing and prejudiced policies .It also means less of the pun hand jus politics we know and lath whereby the parties are better armed better researched and better employed abiding each other than they are at solving  and tackling  the nation's problems.That's far too difficult.Just blame it all n the other lot !

However it's all going to be we and strange to a BRITISH people accustomed to the smack of firm government rather like corporal punishment and prefer a Churchillian leadership which they can grumble at constantly and then throw out when they're fed up of it because the one things BRITISH elections have done up to now is operate the ejector seat.

Best of all it's going to be marvellous for backbenchers, particularly the Independant minded ones who have more brains than just following the party line.When government has a majority  they're powerless and can do no more than heckle the steam roller as it passes over them. When it hasn't got a majority they have to be consulted and conciliate and they can get concessions as I did ┼Áhen Tony Blair was desperate to get a majority for the imposition of fees on university students.I was against the measure but voted for it in return for two nice concessions for Grimsby

Think of that ! Back benchers will be changed from lobby fodder tramping through the lobbies to please their leaders. They'll have power to get things for their constituencies ,to change minor policies, to get cases resolved in their favour.In short to do the job they were elected for : serve their constituencies!!!I wish I was back there to enjoy it,use it and get things done for Grimsby.

This election is the end of strong government and government by party and the start of a more genuine parliamentary democracy Bliss will it be in that dawn to be alive but to be assertive will be very heaven.

Can't report any great interest In the election. It's the first election to die before the voting.. For most people it's a background noise even a nuisance and a distraction. Indeed young people don't seem to be interested at all. Yesterday I met two students.One didm't know who was Prime Minister ! Another asked me what an MP is

Always remember that. Boris's isn't as daft as he acts..He may sound demanded. He may seem to ow very little about politics. He may lower the tone. But it's all serious stuff. He has to hold a balance : show support for the Tories as they thrash around. In the mess Crosby (Boris's man) has created.  But he's also got to ensure that CAMERON is defeated so that he ( Boris ) can replace him as party leader.. Boris is always fun but never crazy. So far his interventions are right on plan

There's a lesson for all political parties in Scotland. That country has always provided the backbone of the Party and elected loyal Labour MPs.As a result it was taken for granted and didn't get Anouilh return from the "feeble fifty" because Labour moderated its policies to win power in the south.

The result is now rejection. Scotland wants more. That's a lesson for the North of England. We elect LabourMPs.We give seats to Labour leaders. We're now the new backbone of the party. Do we get enough out of it in return? Will it keep us happy? Should it? 

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