Friday 17 April 2015


Like the majority of my fellow countrymen (but it was a first for me) I didn't watch the contenders debate on Thursday. I enjoyed myself instead. I went to the dance class given by Keith and Judy Clifton, mother and father of Kevin of Grimsby. Thoroughly enjoyable, fun and very funny and no one gave a thought to the election the contenders or politics in general.

Which is as it should be. Most people  whatever their class or group just want to live a happy life. Their concerns are their kids, their gardens their cars their house, their happiness and politics is an intrusion which we thrust upon them ever few years  when we ( the political class-a small obsessive minority - are desperate for their votes.

I realised as I watched the dancers enjoying the rhumba and the waltz and laughing at Keith's jokes just how much we're imposing in the people asking them to decide between impossible promises assuming we can buy them by benefits and tax cuts, dangling baubles before them,and shouting love our leader not their's just how tawdry elections have come.

The British aren't a people with high aspirations,they just want to be happy and left alone to get on with their lives and they're perfectly happy to let the politicians get on with running the country. Now that we've screwed that up we're desperately asking them to back us and give us their votes .Why should they give us any more credibility than they give to any other set of hucksters, door to door salesmen or advertisers lying about their product ?

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