Saturday 4 April 2015


Everyone thought their own leader won though some thought it more defensively than others.The Guardian's poll thought Miliband won, the Times said CAMERON,the public more generally thought Sturgeon won (as did I) and rated Farage highly though I thought he lacked his usual panache and punch.

The women did better than the men,the minor parties better than the major ( which isn't difficult because they aren't weighed down with responsibility and suffused with the caution of statesmanship).Cleggie was taking the same easy middle line as he did in 2010 though no one now believes him now and he queered his pitch by going on about the mess Labour left as if we'd wrecked the banks rather than helping them up when they committed suicide.

So the real winner was the minor parties who got their moment in the sun before first past the post puts them back in their box.All told it was a display which would have been totally appropriate if we had proportional representation but which was merely confusing  in an electoral system which  doesn't work well when there are several parties not just two alternative government's

So the real conclusion was that it doesn't matter who won because they're all in for a mess in which the future probably lies with McLabour. Learn to live with it guys!

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  1. Sturgeon and Farage came out on top although I don't think these debates, which are a battle of style over substance, influence how people vote.

    Miliband, leader of the red Tories, came across better than expected.

    Cameron, leader of the blue Tories, didn't make any major gaffes.

    The big loser was Nick Clegg, leader of the yellow Tories, who tried but failed to land a blow on the blue Tories having been their bedfellow for the last 5 years.

    Just not credible Nick!