Wednesday 15 April 2015


It's perhaps as well that the latest rogue poll puts the Tories 6% ahead of Labour because it delays the playing of the crisis (collapse of confidence) card which the financial arm of the Tory Party (also known as "the City","Markets" and "business opinion " ) hold in reserve to be played as the prospect of a hung parliament  or even the possibility of a Labour victory emerges.

That will be the point at which wealth and the dosh holders play the ultimate card  fear of a crash, the trashing of Britain's credit card by the world, a run on sterling and a collapse of the pound and the certainty of national bankruptcy will all dominate the headlines and the media talk producing a swing to the Tories to keep put Red Ed and the revolutionary terror which Labour government will ensure. 

This ultimate deterrent defeated Labour in 1970 when Harold Wilson stood on a platform of bringing the country through crisis only to have headlines of a trade deficit in the month of election because Roy Mason had been daft enough to allow airlines to buy several jumbo jets in the same  month. It was played again in 1974 but didn't work then because Ted Heath had managed to create an even bigger mess

Now with the country importing 6% more of GDP than  it exports and the pound too high to produce the export revival Osborne wants some kind of sterling crash is inevitable  because we cant pay our way in the world .When it comes the Tories will certainly blame it on Labour's plans to tax wealth and abolish Non-Doms  to cover up their own contribution to uncertainty by their referendum on the European Union.

This time it won't be the gnomes of Zurich who Harold Wilson blamed .It will be a home made crisis boosted by London based hedge funds speculating on a fall in sterling, the big accountancy houses selling tax avoidance schemes , idiot directors and banks announcing their departure abroad  and the rich shifting their money to avoid their social obligations here .

Remember when the crisis comes. It will be money going on strike against the people and trying to stop Labour creating the fairer society Britain needs and our people want. Money can't vote but it will do its best to veto our votes if it doesn't like them


Tory policy on bring the Right to Buy at big discounts to Housing Associations is a crime against housing. Right to buy can only work if a replacement council or social house is built in the same area to replace every house sold.The Tories have never done this. So right to buy drastically reduced the stock of public housing for rent and  tuned estates into dumping grounds when the buyers sold their houses to speculators who put anyone in just to get a rent leading to a host of undesirable residents and the deterioration of whole estates.

Then much of remaining council housing (with the best houses sold off) was privatised top housing asociations.Now the Tories propose to repeat the disaster.They promise one new build for every sale but they also promised that in the coalition when they increased the discounts and in fact only built one replacement for every five sold.

To repeat the disaster now will cripple the housing associations who have borrowed on their stock and wont be financially viable unless  they're compensated .Will they be? and what will the cost be of that? This is a policy of desperation not sense. It makes no contribution to increasing the housing build by the 100,000 extra houses we need to build each year.It will reduce the stock of the public housing for rent which is needed by the two fifths of our people who cant afford to buy at these prices. It will push prices and housing benefits even higher. It will lead to rent increases for those who remain tenants. It is in short  a crime against housing.


At what stage will it occur to the two main parties that multi party politics is here to stay? Each of the nations of the UK has its own nationalist party as a challenger to the Tory and Labour parties. England has UKIP which is really an English nationalist party. Scotland has the SNP, Wales has Plaid. Then there's the LibDems for the quibbler tribe and the Greens for the naive idealists and petty purists who are growing in numbers

Britain has entered the age of multi party politics when a major proportion of the electorate refuses to fit into one of the two big boxes. The only way this can be made to work is by proportional representation  which gives every party a stake in the results.Without it we're in for a long period of hung Parliaments, unstable governments and increasing alienation

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