Sunday 19 April 2015

BBC local politics programme opt out.

I'm proud of Grimsby. I hate to see it messed about as it was by the Sunday Politics constituency opt out which was another disgrace to add to the disgraceful treatment the BBC has given to our town.
The interviewer Tim Iredale managed to forget the name of the Melanie Onn who will be the next MP. He also managed to screw up the interview by trying to be an amateur Andrew Neil and grilling Victoria Ayling about something in the Mail about her son which is totally irrelevant to Grimsby Instead of asking her what she wanted to do for the town he bogged the whole programme down in that, and harassed her when she rightly refused to answer. Sadly he couldn't shut up and managed to drive her into becoming incoherent. 

Having upset her he then bullied Steve Besant and largely ignored their Tory candidate  who didn't have much to say but wasn't allowed to say it. What a mess. Grimsby is a town with great prospects. It shouldn't be subjected to this amateur league stuff.Why can't the BBC increase the IQ allocation  to its staff?


Great news for the Tories! Boris is back to electrify their campaign and tell us Ed is "deranged" To the background music of Dambusters he announces that the Labour manifesto was written by Ken Livingstone and Tony Benn (posthumously  or course) and that Ed ( who apparently was personally responsible for the recession) has a mad plan to wreck Britain

Wonderful to know all that because I didn't know any of it. Boris will next appear on Gardener's Question Time to tell us how Ed will fill our gardens with weeds and cannabis plants as the country goes to 

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