Thursday 23 April 2015

Ignore the election outfits. Look at their souls

Our first past the post electoral system forces the major parties to pretend to be something they ain't because each must drive to the centre to win enough votes to add to its core vote to win. Labour becomes more cautious, less socialist as it dilutes its radicalism to win votes from the Middle class and the South The Tories become more generous particularly to the old and more caring

Both processes have gone on apace at this election almost to the point of cross dressing leaving so little space between them there's no room for the poor old LibDems to plat their old moderate middle game.

This makes those to the right of the Tory party to hate CAMERON who they really want to get rid of but must put up with to hope to win while Labour's left feels that their party isn't delivering enough to working people and the poor.

But both sets of ultras have to campaign for their party to win in the hope that they can force more out of it by campaigning if it wins change the leader and radicalise it if it looses.

Things might be different under proportional representation because then the majors can show more of their real selves and recruit the extra support they need to govern by coalitions or pacts with minor parties so that government becomes a coalition between parties rather than within one party

But we don't have PR  we have first past the post. So what can your average voter who neither knows nor cares that much about politics do? First look at the essence of a party and  what it's likely to do when it drops its electoral fancy dress and puts on its working gear and then decide which best serves their interests.

Second discount the glitter of the minor parties who can promise anything because they're never going to have to deliver any of it.

Third. Don't believe anything that one major says about the other and only believe half of what each says about itself

More important remember the old maxim : voter give an honest curse. Defend the bad against far worse. 

With any luck that should see Labour win.


Two weeks to go and what is there new to say or for the parties to do ? New policies? New issues? New insights?New inspirations? CAMERON getting more fed up and ratty?Boris going batty?  Anything to release the boredom. Je t'attendrais  toujours. Le jour et la unit Je t'attendrais.

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