Wednesday 15 April 2015

Election latest: Price Waterhouse takeover and Shame on the BBC

I was hoping for an exciting election with revivalist rhetoric, invocations of a new Dawn and a new Deal and a Britain brimming with milk and honey but damn me it's gone as dull as ditchwater because the accountants have taken over and reduced the whole argument to how much this will cost whether that tax will raise enough and what promises are funded unfunded or just daft. We're getting lost in a fog of calculations,accusations and simple lies so confusing that the ordinary voter is switching off and falling back on an automatic pilot which isn't working very well

The Tories are promising big spending increases from growth not having got much in five years of power when they killed the growth reviving when they came into power and  stopped the year by year improvement we normally get by cuts until the Bank of England managed to revive it by pouring out cheap money
After spending the growth we won't have they then go on to argue that the cuts they've already made can be easily repeated ignoring the fact that they've already cut to the bone and the easy cuts are over to make it sound almost beneficial while Labour ignores the need to expand and invest and grow and instead promises to be ass stupid as the Tories have been but are now learning not to be. Ot's all veery disorientating. Perhaps we want to encourage the minor parties as the only ones who can be clear cut and give simple answers of the type Clegg does so brilliantly as the most pompous pillock in British politics 


The BBC reportage of Grimsby is little short of disgraceful. They send in juvenile inexperienced reporters who know nothing of the town and misrepresent its people.  Classic instance on Six o"clock TV news tonight when a junior mastermind announced that UKIP was a close challenger for Labour when a glance at Electoral Calculus would have told him that Labour was well ahead, the seat isn't marginal; and the UKIP candidate was a low third in the preferences
The next  best was when another reporter told Victoria Ayling that  fishing industry leaders wanted to stay in the EU. He either made that up or he'd been talking to a child catching fish in a jam jar by the canal. It's total Eurocrap.

The Jerk Journos then prattle on about the death of fishing-which was  thirty years ago when we lost Icelandic waters and Ted Heath gave away British waters and say nothing about the seafood industry which has replaced it.They talk to a few disgruntled citizens who exist in every town and don't mention the fact that the real marginal is next door in Cleethorpes which Labour lost in 2010 .
This concoction of selective ignorance, (which could have been said of anywhere) is then put out as an objective report. The only justification is that such stupid condescending reporting brings tourists and journalists to our town,boosts interest in Grimsby, though for wrong reasons and gets Melanie Onn, who will be the next MP, onto TV to rebut the rubbish. It  also gets better odds from bookmakers for those sensible enough to bet on Mel. But it debases journalism and the image of a wonderful community which deserves better.

So for public education purposes just let me make it clear. Melanie Onn (Labour) will be the next MP for Grimsby, the Conservative candidate (whoever he is) will be second and Victoria will continue to be Ayling.You can bet on Onn as long as BBC idiots bamboozle the bookmakers.

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