Sunday 19 April 2015

Tory plans to rebuild Hadrians Wall

Why are Tory politicians and the media chorus which supports them so slavishly, so loud in their abuse of Nicola Sturgeon, Alec Salmond and the SNP? Answer. Because they realise that the most likely election result is a McLabour government taking office with SNP support on motions of confidence and supply. That would be a government which because of the daft legislation for a five year term the Tories insisted on  could hold power for years

That means the SNP have to be discredited and any Labour government which depends on them portrayed as illegitimate,dangerous and certain to break up the United Kingdom as the SNP use their power to extort home rule from Labour.

All balls. The only threat to national unity is the Tory refusal to offer the DevoMax offered to the Scots if they voted for unity as they did only to find CAMERON proposing to stop Scottish MPs voting on English issues.You can't treat Scots MPs as second class parliamentarians and if they choose to support a McLabour government then that government and that support aren't totally legitimate

Indeed since the SNP are further to the left than Labour that support should produce a more radical government. And it won't be one which splits up the UK because it's very existence depends on not doing so.


The Tories have to build up these horror stories (all eagerly amplified by a press chorus which is becoming desperate as the rich press owners become more frightened and throw independence,objectivity,and responsibility overboard to convert once great papers into propaganda sheets ) because they're all realising that their party hasn't improved its position on 2010 when they lost and took power because the LibDems sold out to them.

Next time they won't have enough friends to form a government.The LibDems aren't going to opt for Suicide Pact two and will be much fewer in number.UKIP won't have any MPs, the SNP won't touch them with Harry Lauder's stick and Ulster will want money big time.
Neo-Liberalism doesn't win friends.


  1. In my opinion the polls are rubbish!

    Remember the ones last time around, predicting the Lib Dems would win 100+ seats on the day of election, only for them to garner FEWER seats than in 2005.

    As you've said the samples are far too small for the findings to be of any real meaning. Plus some voters might lie about who they will vote for.

    That said, the exit polls on election night are usually fairly accurate.

    Also, whilst it doesn't have the towering circulation it once had the influence of the Murdoch owned Sun newspaper in the marginals should not be understated.

    Their support is still worth quite a lot in my opinion!

    On election night, expect to see the Tories as the largest party in a hung parliament with an alliance then being cobbled together between the Conservatives, UKIP, the Ulster Unionists and what's left of the Lib Dems who'll probably do better than the polls are predicting.

    That in reality is the most likely outcome although I agree that Labour will be badly hit in Soctland by the SNP but (again) I don't think this will be by as much as the polls are predicting.

    However, the new coalition is unlikely to have a sizeable majority so, it's uncertain how long the next parliament will last.

    Certainly, I don't get any sense of any enthusiasm for Labour and Ed Miliband.

    The Labour Party do themselves no favours by flatly refusing to distance themselves from the centre right Blair and Brown governments and by failing to offer a genuine alternative to the blue Tories in my opinion.

  2. Somebody commented the other day that Ed Miliband, Labour and the unions are now the voice of and represent the interests of Corporate Britain and big business.

    Who'd have thunk it?

    You literally could not make it up.

    New Labour and the Unions = more Tory than the Tories.