Tuesday 7 April 2015


Now that the LibDems have been chucked overboard by the Tories, Cleggie is having to ply for hire in the hope that he can still find a home for his sanctimonious  irrectitude. Someone should tell him. That he won't get it by insulting both LaboUr and the Tories as he is doing.

Far better surely to recognise that they aren't really a party at all, but a Bownie pack ..which happens to have the same leader. I have a better idea. Split them up into two parties. Cleggie can then lead the natural conservatives like Clegg himself and including Laws and Danny Alexander all of whom have burned too many boats to work with. 

Then the SDP rump of people like Vince, Kennedy and Farron will be free to work with and support a Labour government.There may not be enough of either branch to be worth a formal pact but like Tesco every little helps and it's surely better to be Ed's little helpers than Cam's big dupes.


One thing Victoria Ailing and Her merry shoal of UKIPPERS have done for Grimsby is to get our town more national media coverage than it's ever had before since the 1977 by election.. We've had powerful pieces from top journalists from the Guardian (Hinchcliffe and White) and the London Review of Books (James Meek) and bottom journalists from the Independent on Sunday(Jamie Crap).We've had radio and TV programmes  and national attention.
Cameron hasn't been because he never leaves the kitchen from these days, though he might if we got them to do MasterChef from the Fish dock

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