Saturday 8 August 2015


It's a sad fact of political life but the Labour Party will always betray the hopes invested in it.So do the Tories  Mass parties always boil down the hopes invested in them  to offer a broad alternative  but  the Tory task  of shifting  balances and money from the many to the few,from the poor to the rich is easier than and their public relations in excusing their failures better than Labour's Building a new world and transferring money and power down to the people is more difficult both to do and to explain.Particularly to a conservative easily frightened nation

More  and more diverse hopes are concentrated on Labour : advance women, boost trade unions,remedy social problems,improve education and health ,eliminate poverty save manufacturing tax the rich support other ethnic groups save the environment and aid the poorest of the poor outside Britain. Not only will fulfilment be slow and patchy but gains one front can conflict with the interests of another and there is certainly no overall majority for all of it.If there were Labour would have been in power forever.

So a Labour government is going to betray some of jt, fail on other aspects and have more difficulty in keeping the public with it than the simple policy of the Tory Party  of helping a powerful few who already have a lot so a marginal; bit more or less doesnt matter and in an y case are better at dressing up their interest as the national interest because they control the media and the organs of communication and are much better at advancing their demands covertly

It follows therefore that Labour must dilute its demands and broaden its appeal to win power and that once in office it will be dealt with more harshly if it makes mistakes or seems to betray any part of its mission. It must give to the many not the few, a more obvious process and will receive less gratitude in return.

All of which means that a Labour government finds it more difficult to survived than the Tories and  more cunning in their offers at election time. This doesn't mean abandoning it altogether and accepting Tory priorities as we did in 2015 it means offering the mass of its supporters a broad promise of better prospects and a better economic deal and above all holding out hope which our collection of little changes failed to do.  

The Tories are free to lie  Several of  their election promises have already been abandoned. We're not. But  a living wage, more public housing for rent  are far better than attacks on the nasty tories or long explanations of why austerity doesn't work or grovelling before "business".Nor is it any use hoping that we can be led from the left;that will only be used  by our enemies to frighten people and  its too late now to revived pst policies at which we've already failed

Just use common sense.Don't frighten our easily scared electorate or select a leader who the media will use to create fear and dismay in inverse ratio to the enthusiasm he creates among the left but do offer them, hope.Most people know that they've been better off under Labour governments; more employment, rising wages, better welfare education and health. They've enough sense to realise that the Tories have made all that worse. But they do want to believe that we've got plans and are competent to do it again They didn't get that in 2015.