Friday 6 February 2015


The thing that most pissed off our pissed off electorate about two party politics is the way each blames the other for its own failures. When in doubt attack the other side. PMQs is the main forum for this.The only part of parliament most people see and the worst.

Has the government cocked it up again? Labour did it first. Has some Minister cocked up? (again)? Labour people are worse. Is the government being bought by millions from vested interests? Labour gets money from the trade unions. All pure farce played on the assumption that the public are stupid.

Now that same strategy is being made the basis of the Tory election campaign. Lynton Crosby has told them to have a few central themes to bang on about by endless repetition (again on the assumption that the public are stupid) The government has no strong policy offerings beyond hopes for the future.So make the Labour Party the issue .Conceal government's policy nakedness by attacking for not wearing a fig leaf.

So what are the centre pieces of the Tory election campaign? Here's their pledge card

1) Miliband's a North London geek. He looks like a panda, is weak as water and can't make up his mind. In total contrast to Cameron's Churchillian roach steady steadfastness in constantly changing his policies to suit UKIP

2) Labour will borrow more and create a financial mess. In contrast to Osborne's failure to reach his borrowing targets, the fact that borrowing has risen because tax receipts have fallen due to the recession he created.

3) Labour will increase taxes and ruin this government's long term economic plan. In contrast with a government which increased VAT when it said it wasn't going to and had no economic plan beyond slash and burn until the Bank of England saved it by low interest rates and £375 billion of quantitative easing. Government hopes that a remake of its 1992 hit "Labour's tax bombshell' will conceal its 2015 Tory cuts bombshell until it can be exploded on them.

4) Labour won't mend the roof when the weather improves. In contrast with the Tories who've ripped it off in bad weather, slashed every investment proposal in 2010, and is only now restoring investment without saying how it's going to be paid for.

5) Labour will create uncertainty for business which it hates. In contrast with the Tories whose referendum on EU membership and renegotiations will create a long uncertainty about stay or go.

6) Everything that's wrong is Labour's fault and everything the public dislikes was begin by Labour and nothing to do with irresponsible banks, over charging by bullying utilities tax fiddling by multinationals or excessive austerity, all of which show only fear of Labour in the first place.

7) Labour doles out money to scrounges, idle lay abouts, immigrants and crooks where Tories give it to charities like S4C, A4E, Crapita,Price -Waterhouse-Coopers dodgy Free schools and other such deserving causes.

8) More of the same . Ad infinitum.

That's the way to win elections. Who needs the truth when the press are on your side!

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