Sunday 1 February 2015


The denunciations of Ed Milliband in the Tory press have reached such a pitch that the Mail on Sunday is putting on extra pages to get them all in.The ex Mayor of Doncaster is dredging them out for the third week  probably to tell us that Ed did'nt know what a cake was in the Chip 'ole. Worse at the retired Big Beasts brigade including Blair (who to be fair is always misquoted )

Don't blame them.Their day has gone and the only way ex MPs can get attention is by rubbishing their own party. But big beasts produce big turds.

At least it shows that Labour as the party of ideas bubbles with argument.The Tories don't cos they're the party of prejudice  and like the American Republicans  they've become ever more United round neo-liberalism, tax cutting and rolling back the state.Where are the wets now? Where are the Whitelaws or the Heseltines? Singing from one hymn sheet makes it easier to win elections but harder to govern in a changed world.

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