Saturday 14 February 2015

Friday 13 February. EU's National Day BRITAIN SAVES EUROPE :AGAIN

Euro-enthusiasts and other believers in witchcraft are keen that UK should play a greater part in the EU and play a leadership role instead of being court jester.Well there's never been a greater need for sense ,leadership and the return to reality the EU needs given the mess it's got itself into with the Euro  which is a form of drug dependence: makes things worse but can't give it up.

Perhaps though we should ask first of all what direction or leadership Cameron could give since what he wants changes from day to day, what Labour would get out of it or put into it and whether anyone but Cleggie ( who won't be with us long) feels any enthusiasm for wading to to the mess.

Then ask what UK Inc could contribute on the two main problems facing the EU. First Ukraine.We've been left out of the Merkel Hollande task force  which has patched a temporary truce. But what would we add?More powerful sanctions like appropriating all the Russian property inLondon or stopping Russians bringing their money here? Arming the Ukraine? Sending in the SAS? Or stopping selling them financial services and privatisation plans?

Or Greece and the possibility of GREXIT before Brexit? Would we turn the screw on Greece harder than Merkel? Would we say they've had enough,go easy?Or would we break it t them that the emperor has no clothes,the Euro won't work can't work  but we can loan them George Osborne to tell them how to make things worse?

The fact is they're trapped by their own idiocy, there's no way out short of abandoning the Euro and that they're wasting the time of the whole world by introverted lunacy.To which they'll inevitable reply who's talking?


American authorities have imposed massive fines on Big Four and on law firms for  marketing tax avoidance schemes and sent partners to jail. That couldn't happen here. When chaps regulate chaps more gentlemanly rules prevail.We don't even fine firms when their avoidance scheme turn into evasion and as for imposing court costs on them for proving this how could we..


Note than when PWC wants to sell its services it poses as a multinational organisation with branches everywhere. When it comes to accepting responsibility for instance giving the SEC information it needs in BCCI or selling fiddles in Luxembourg it's not multinational any longer. responsibility falls to "partners" in England, or Luxembourg or anywhere there the law can't get them not to PWC.

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