Thursday 5 February 2015


Britain is a country run by comfortable cartels. Each exploits it's area, excludes the troublesome, and allows the members to get on with their job of making money. Selfish but smooth, exclusive but comfortable, conservative but cash rich.

The cartels are all dark suited , conservative, and cautious but always secretive, self protective, and utterly respectable. The Law Society , the Bar council, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the universities, the City, the BBC , the TUC and its affiliates. You name it there's a cartel for it, and most irritant of all Westminster home of the two party cartel which has always ruled the country.

There fortunes rise and fall: unions  in the seventies until they fucked their nest ; City dominant today. Some face competition from American intruders: Americans have taken over the City, accountants have lost the control of the Big Four, Lawyers have out-priced themselves but only the Westminster cartel has bust its own flush and is now challenged by small parties battling to get onto the scene.and by the people who're fed up of the lot of them

The result will be to disturb the power of all by passing power to the people who've been excluded from the comfortable considerations of the cartels and got so little out of it. Now they want to know why.


Michael Cockerill's attempt to make the Commons endearing by remaking Westminster Man hasn't gone down too well.The explanation is that you can't make the arcane loveable and heckling the steam roller is much less fun when the steamroller driver just heckles back because he's a better heckler than a driver

650 folk in search of a role.

Miliband's strength is shown by the fact that he's proved Cameron's equal at Question Time a contest the Prime Minister  of the day should win easily and second by his ability to stand to the deluge of shit showered in him by the Tory Press. This boy's tough and getting tougher. Stand firm Ed!

Of course Labour's in favour of business but it's also in favour of businesses workers too many of whom are underpaid and its customers many of whom are cheated and its contribution to society which all too many dodge by avoiding paying due taxes. Business always does better under Labour than under Tory austerity and if it's too dim to realise that it deserves to fail. Business will be tret as business does.

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