Sunday 15 February 2015


The week that fifty shades of grey is released as a film is also the week when politics changes from shades of  grey to black and white.Which is exactly the kind of party politics people like least because it reduces rational debate to the pan calling the kettle grimy arse of about the IQ level of Prime Minister's question time.

Reasonable talk, possible compromises ,good sense are all ruled out as the battle cries of "you did it first" "you're wrong-I'm right" "we're nice. You're nasty" This high level dialogue will go on until 8 May when shades of grey will come creeping back n in the form of compromises to stitch together a government .

But until that happy day parrots rule.Not. OK.No qualifications. No dissent.If you have any doubts about the party line shut up. That's how the big parties have to behave. The smaller parties love it. All t hey have to do is sit watch and say nowt .Just wait for the folk who are repelled by the dog fight to come to the only clean and virtuous folk around all unsoiled by the dirty dog fight. That's w hat Cleggie did in 2010 and what Farage in his new guise as the man of reason and common sense is doing now.

Personally I thin the parties are wrong because the age of monoliths has gone. In the past it was safe to say that bitter divisions weakened party appeal. They certainly did for Labour in the fifties and t he Tories post 1997.But since the the two party duo
Only has begun to fail and electors are much smarter. They know that 100% unity is impossible and expect serious thought and discussion.They're looking for serious answers to serious questions not ritual incantations these days.Discuss.

But always remember that the choice between governing parties isn't between perfidy and perfection. It's a choice on balance. Voter give an honest curse. Defend the bad against far worse!

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