Friday 20 February 2015


British recession and the Euro folly strangling the weaker European economies have combined to produce a reversion to folly and mysticism  which threatens the prospects for both improvement and social democracy. In the EU the Social Democratic parties who were responsible for growth and the good societies which have emerged are now discredited and failing because of their adhesion to the Euro which is ruining the Mediterranean nations and being supplanted by radical parties of the left and right.. In Britain Labour has been battered into caution yet the media and business leaders still portray its policies as bringing ruin and failure. Everywhere the necessary tools of improvement:growth,investment, industrial expansion, full employment and higher wages are discounted or portrayed as disastrous.

Folly Rules. Not OK Just look at what's offered-
Russell Brand tells the young not to vote. An abdication when Labour needs their votes to offer a better future. Abstention is futility sanctified.

SNP offers romantic escapism and the surge in its support threatens the loss of seats Labour will need to form a majority government with the power to rebuild and grow.

Tories offer an appeal to middle class masochism and more austerity to come after a brief shot f the spending they've told us was impossible for four years conscious of the fact that the middle class loves sado-discipline For other people.
Greens offer naive idealism which is all very nice except that it will divert voters from Labour which for all its faults is the only party which can advance improvement in power.

UKIP offers Euro escapism. The EU has gone a long way to discredit itself and become the low growth unemployment blackspot of the advanced world. Britain has little to gain from it and will need to loosen ties which damage but to spend the first years of any government in a debilitating row about Europe ruins the prospect of rebuilding.

The Lib Dems desperately ply for hire and offer themselves brakes on anything;more austerity or corrective measures though for specific policies it depends on which head of the hydra you hear,  Cable or Clegg

The Antediluvian Band of Blairites take time off from money making to urge Labour to pull its own teeth and accept the need for wealth creation. Particularly theirs

Vested interests, Finance and big business howl with pain before they've even suffered any and having caused the crisis by their irresponsible rick taking and tax perks portray and attempt to deal with either as harbingers of ruin, socialism and increased body odour.

The hack Media vilify Miliband, Labour and everything it stands in order to portray Dodgy Dave as the supreme statesman, the Churchill of our times. 

The purpose of this cacophony of crap is to create enough confusion and doubt to stop Labour winning a majority big enough to govern and tackle the crisis.
Living in an age of confusion is no excuse for abandon ing reason and chopping down the old signposts to a better future.  The only answer to Britain's problems is economic growth, investment, higher pay and more jobs and an industrial policy to boost manufacturing.

Keynesian economics still work,witness the USA. Austerity doesn't,witness Greece and Britain's lost years of it. Labour has been and is being too cautious and anxious to be respectable to say all that .Yet for all their caution and timidity Labour  remains the only party to offer any of it. Don't let the retreat from reason obscure that crucial central fact.

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