Tuesday 17 February 2015

How smart are business people? How to plumb the IQ depths.

You can always tell how smart a business person is and how well they know their economics by their political allegiances.Historically the economy has always grown faster under Labour, the party of higher public spending and higher wages. So any business which serves consumers benefits from higher demand. Their bosses will support Labour unless a) they want an honour ora seat in the lords which they have to buy by contributing to the Tory Party or b) they're stupid.

On the other hand any business that works in debt recovery leaches on the state or thrives on speculation like hedge funds or financial services and those who benefit from the dismantling of the state is going to support the Tories unless they have some kind of social conscience.

Similarly anyone who believes that executives should be massively rewarded and business set free of regulation and government interference is manifestly stupid and therefore likely to vote Tory. The economy grew faster and had fuller employment up to 1979 than it has since in the years of de-regulation and big incentives..Its also had more failures crashes and the long recession.

The trickle down of wealth has only meant pissing on the poor and cruelty to the cripples to make them work harder while bigger incentives for the bosses have given them more time on the golf course. Which of course they deserve.

Perhaps the National Federation of the Self Employed should remember that in the jungle  it's the big beasts who survive while the small beasties get eaten, beaten and generally trampled on

When it comes to politics Business Folk should think through their interests before they open their mouths. Business leaders should be admired for their acumen not pitied for their stupidity,naïveté and prejudice.                          QED

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