Thursday 26 February 2015


It's difficult to remember a time when people were more fed up than they are at present but the discontents appear different depending on whether you're talking about the North or the South. UKIP benefits from both but in different ways which make it Britain's first two faced party -as distinct from the Lib-Dems who had 18

In the North the problem is the collapse of old industries and the dismantling of the comfortable world of full employment, steady growth, rising wages, and steady betterment through public spending.which makes the discontent more of an older working class phenomenon

In the south it's the squeezed middle  who're oppressed by rising house prices forcing them out of London to face ever rising commuter costs . They feel themselves oppressed by big organisations like banks and multinationals cheating their tax obligations and serving their own purposes .They're worried that their country isn't their's any longer and that their comfortable middle class existence is threatened

UKIP exploits both sets of discontents but that means that it's more of a threat to Labour in the North and to the Tories in the South though it's confused cacophony of policies can satisfy neither. The choice facing the country is one between austerity and stimulus, Hayek versus Keynes but UKIP offers only a mixture of bar room populism, barrack room negativism and a barrage of Farage. God bless 'Im.

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