Thursday 26 February 2015


This election is a choice between a Labour Party which will invest and spend to grow the economy but dare not say so, and a Tory Party which won't because it wants more austerity but has to pretend to do so to win while a series of "noises off" parties  abuse the two main parties while secretly hoping to go into some kind of coalition with one of them .

This exercise in hypocrisy in front of a howling press pack of media monsters all keen to destroy any politician who steps out of line in any way, savage any mistake however minor made by any politician and tear to pieces any policy they don't like.This isn't the bias against understanding John Birt wrote about its a bias against mental health and sanity

Poor Natalie Bennett,torn to pieces because she stopped to think in a interview is the first victim but Ed Milliband is savaged every time he opens his mouth or eats a bacon sandwich, Clegg has been turned it o a clown and Alec Salmond is portrayed as a MacHitler taking over the poor defenceless English while Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind have been given assisted suicide by Indignitas. Every TV interview becomes a harassment by highly trained attack dogs,every proposal for change is torn to pieces before it's even announced and Twitter pours half baked shit over everyone.

This is politics at the end of its tether with abuse driving out thought, sense and strategy. It's not a happy prospect. Particularly when it all points to a second election made necessary by the fact that no one won the first.Will anyone be able to form a government strong enough to deal with the mess this fed-up country is in.?

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