Wednesday 18 February 2015

Renationalisation Urgently Required

What a cheek this Tory government has.They privatised the utilities  to generate competition Now they tell consumers they've got to do the work of producing the competition by shopping around and changing suppliers to get lower price deals. The power companies merely want to exploit the market by milking their loyal customer base through high charges then competing to attract new customers by lower charges but only for them. 

Competition is a striving to serve the customer. That imposes a requirement to reduce charges for all existing customers not just new ones. A government which believes in competition would (and should) do that by forcing the companies to reduce charges for all, particularly now  the price of fuel is falling

Make the power companies compete by tougher regulation or renationalise them to serve the public !

1 comment:

  1. If it was such an issue then why didn't the so called Labour Governments of the day led by Blair and Brown renationalise these industries?

    After all, they had 13 long years in power but did not do so.

    In fact, far from renationalising these industries, they actually continued with these same destructive policies, with the PFI initiatives, part privatisation of the NHS, the education system etc