Sunday 1 February 2015


The banks and financiers caused the Great Depression which has done so much damage, They've neither been punished nor reformed  for it . TheTories came in, ended Labour's stimulus and investment programme and slashed demand by cutting employment benefits and public spending making things worse.They're now claiming a reward for that.

Labour's task now is to reverse all that, regulate to prevent it happening again and restore the social balance by returning power and money to the people and their institutions, the the unions, the universities, local government and communities and by rebuilding the state as the protector and friend of the people.That means all the people middle class and working class.

Banging on about deficits and debt has nothing to do with all this It's all about rebuilding  a strong economy which can serve the needs of our people and pay the nation's  way in the world Nationalism is the key not respectability, caution or timidity and elections are won not by being nice to business but by offering hope and appealing to the spirit of the nation. QED

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