Tuesday 27 January 2015


Will the election reveal and more details or views about TTIP? Sorry I can't tell you cos it's secret. The Transatlantic trade and investment partnership is a secret agreement being negotiated between  The US and EU which will give multinational corporations a level playing field to operate and gave access to markets among signatories and overrule any restrictive rules and regulations. It will have its own disputes procedure independent of any of the nation states and able to overrule and national measures, discriminations or tax arrangements the corporations object to.

It's a monstrous infringements of national powers and regulations making the big corporations a protected species with more power than parliaments and governments, gives them access to health service contracts and allows them to demand compensation if they lose them or are restricted in any way. Trade unions of course are given no reciprocal rights

What's involved is ominous but secret. We have no role in the negotiations: the EU acts for us. It's predicted to bring millions of jobs but with no indication how, particularly in Britain where Multinationals will serve our market from afar and we'll have no power to compel them to manufacture (or even pay their taxes.) Amazingly the Labour Party supports it. Why ?


Don't expect any immediate drama on the Greek vote against austerity. It will take months to mix the eurofudge on this one. The Greeks don't want to leave because they'd have to default on their huge debts and print money. Germany won't want to water down the debt because if the Greeks get it everyone else is going to want it.

So my guess would be an extension of the debt at lower interest and easier terms and permission to relax austerity. Trouble is the austerity has killed the business sector. Greece's real problem is corruption and the public sector which the new government wants to expand. Right wing partners are strong defenders of the flabby public sector  and easing the pressure on public sector workers who've suffered far less than the private sector won't be popular.

Best guess though is that they'll fudge through and keep the Euro show limping along the road until the next crisis.Which may take the form of a right wing surge in France or Italy. God bless the Euro. I won't

Disastrous polls in Scotland. Electoral calculus indicates  a Labour loss of 30 seats. Plus a few Lib Dems and the lone Tory (even rarer than panda's in Scotland.) I'm having my kilt dyed black. I'm even hearing Tory talk of a Grand Coalition.

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