Sunday 18 January 2015

The sterile politics of ed"itting

My dad's favourite joke was to hit me on the head with a rolled up newspaper saying I'm the ed'itter. (Geddit?) It's now the favourite pastime of the Tory media. Indeed they clearly see it as their best hope to help the party they serve so slavishly.

It's a monotonous chorus of denigration. Can't eat a bacon sandwich like a normal person. Killed his brother,weak,tyrannical,incompetent,indecisive. I've never known a Labour leader treated so badly. Not even Harold Wilson. They must be really scared.

Just to set the record straight Ed is doing well at PM's question time where the Prime Minister usually wins. He's open to new ideas and the changes Labour must make to escape the Blair failures. Person to person he's a nice bloke open, honest and frank and charming to meet. Get out among the people and he's a winner.

Perhaps the press critics fear that given a choice between an honest young likeable leader who's got a plan for change and one who's changed policies broken promises and always responded to criticism with lies and abuse people might go for Mr Nice-Guy.

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