Saturday 10 January 2015

No election-winning trend emerging

No election-winning trend emerging so far. Political activists perhaps 10% of the electorate are getting hysterical already, but nothing stirs the third who are the left behind trade, fed up of everything and no powerful issue pushes the rest to Lab or Con because nothing is clear cut.

The mess in the NHS helps Labour, because it's a bit difficult to blame it on them after four years of Tory cheese paring. The economy helps the Tories, but not much because people feel worse off and are in debt. No other issue has traction.

A big dose of hope might stir things, but that's not available on party prescription, so the future is reduced to an argument about who'll make it most miserable. Osborne winning on that so far. As for a fairer, more equal society forget it.


Note that they're now claiming that Sir Nosey Parker head of the Insecurity Service wrote his speech demanding more powers (in addition to the £100 million he's just had) before the Paris killings. How could he be expected to anticipate them, much less use them politically?

Don't worry. Sir Malcolm (anything else you require sir?) Rifkind will protect us by ensuring that whatever Nosey wants, Nosey gets. Rabbit too will help the war effort. I'm perfectly happy to let them read my blog. Someone has to.

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