Sunday 25 January 2015

Deadlocked democracies


For a generation brought up with strong leaders and big men, the world is becoming a much sadder muddled place. Churchill, De Gaulle, Kennedy, LBJ are gone (you may have noticed) to be succeeded by lesser figures muddling through. Now it's got worse. Every western democracy is hopelessly deadlocked in a way that stops leaders,big or small, good or bad,doing anything at all.

In the U.S. Obama is deadlock led by Republican control of Congress .Which is why he's now preaching equality. Sounds good but he can't do anything about it.

Here we're deadlocked by the close balance between Labour and the Tories neither of which is likely to get a governing majority  in the election so looming problems can't be dealt with by string action and both main parties mumble misery offering depressing policies of dealing with debt and maintaining austerity.

Europe has managed to lick itself into an even bigger mess with the Euro. It will never work unless they have a common budget and economic policy which France won't agree to and a strong regional aid policy which the Germans won't finance. So they're stuck: Can't mend.Wont end.There'll be fudges life Draghi's quantitive easing which will ease the pain for a bit and export some of the problems through a lower exchange rate but otherwise the future is prolonged deflation and high unemployment which will alienate electorates and turn them to extremism big time 

It's being so cheerful that keeps me going. But where?

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