Wednesday 14 January 2015


Don't believe any of the hype that's pouring out about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.There may be more jobs in it for American Corporations and big multinationals but there's nowt in it for Britain except an increase in corporate power and a further drain of jobs and investment from an economy which has a higher degree of foreign ownership and control already than any other country.

Not only does Britain have more to lose because it's more open than the rest of Europe but it has fewer national champions who'll benefit from the increase in corporate power.

The worst part is the disputes resolution procedures which give big corporations the power to remove national regulations even revoke national legislation passed by Parliament .They have enormous power in the courts already with their highly paid teams of clever lawyers who make it very difficult to take on a multinational and win.

This power isn't enough. They now want an international disputes resolution system accountable to no one with enormous powers to overrule national regulations which threaten their future profits.So if the government wants to revoke a bad contract, nationalise a provider of services, protect a section of the population,close the NHS to American Medical Corporations,impose price controls or levy profits as Labour did with the utilities and should do with the banks , it's decisions can be contested and probably revoked..Democracy will no longer rule.Not OK

Why does the Labour Party supposedly committed to stopping capitalist brutality support this monstrosity? Why does the Tory party,supposedly committed to the rule of the law have so little faith in our courts.? Why should we make the power of big corporations greater than that of the nation state?

Stop TTIP before it's too late.

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