Friday 9 January 2015

Our political system is becoming a two-party system

Our political system is becoming a two-party system, here each party has much the same economic policy. Neo-liberal, free-market economics have become the ideology of both main parties. Mrs T began it. New Labour carried it further and it reaches it's culmination in Osbornism: elimination of the deficit a process which Labour proposes to take more slowly, but without any dollop of Keynes to make things better.

The most depressing thing is how little dissent there is from both idiocies. A few crazed Tories want to move further and faster to stateless heaven, but they're of no account. While on the Labour side the left is pathetically small and getting smaller as processed peas replace retiring lefties. John McDonnell, Michael Meacher and Kelvin Hopkins will keep sense alive. But will they be heard above the chorus of bleats?

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