Friday 30 January 2015


On 7 May the British electorate will be making the choice of what kind of nation they want ours to be. One road runs to a low wage low skill economy of job insecurity, continued austerity and more cuts to create a bare bones state.The other leads to an attempt to get back to growth, boost demand by more spending raise pay and get back as near as we can to full employment.

That's the inevitable-and desirable difference between the party of wealth and the classes and the party of the masses. Sadly it's well disguised. Labour has toned down it's policies, though not hopefully it's principles to appear respectable and not to frighten the middle classes-though as I pointed out yesterday- they are frightened because they're as much threatened by big money and big business as workers. Both parties set out to appeal to business whose lethargy is a national problem

Both spout neo-Liberal rubbish so that as the Tories commit more and more enormities they can always argue that Labour did it first. Private sector in the health service?-we did it. PFI millstones? We handed them out everywhere. Tax cuts and tough on benefits? We did both. Even worse we're both making the deficit the major issue, both promising to reduce it and to avoid borrowing (which is in fact inevitable) and both promising to balance the budget.Which is daft in a recession.

Result? Labour's alternative is lost sight of and our failing main parties both look the same to a jaundiced electorate A large section of the electorate is fed up of both of them because both have destroyed their world.They're fed up of politics too particularly after the expenses scandal. The choice is between a lesser and a greater dose of misery when what the people want is HOPE. Is it too late for Syriza to put up candidates?

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