Friday 16 January 2015


The great imponderable of the next election is what will the growing tribe of fed up Britons do. Once over 90% of electors voted either Labour or Tory Next time that will be less than 60%. Over a third of the electorate are pissed off with both major parties.

Why? Because both parties have destroyed their world without asking them and created a society in which they feel left behind. Up to the seventies their world was one of job security, full or near full employment, pay rising ahead of inflation,a mixed economy,cheap social housing and an effective welfare state.

Mrs Thatcher began rolling back the state and destroying that world in the name of free market economics, globalisation, and neo liberalism. We maintained all three and then George Osborne began the final assault on the state, the last protector of the people.

They don't like this colder harder world. Neither do I. They're older, poorer, less able to keep up, and in debt. They're angry and fed up and the big question is how will they vote.? Some will go to UKIP, whose policies suit their prejudices, as a protest. Many won't vote at all .In Scotland they may well go to the SNP, which offers more hope than the other party.

They won't come to Labour unless we offer hope and the prospect of rebuilding the world they once had. A strong nation with a powerful industrial base which can provide jobs, pay the nations way in the world, and support the decent services people want. Why don't we?

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