Thursday 22 January 2015


I am in Brussels, Europe's parasite paradise  where fat Eurocrats live on the fat of the land by sucking money talent and taxes out of the  member states. Particularly us. A city of marble palaces built as a mausoleum to house  a dead dream of a European unity which no one much wants nowadays and to protect the European bureaucracy from the slings and stones of outraged electorates. It's an escapist world well hidden from the rest of the EU which has become the high unemployment low growth  stagnant blackspot of the advanced world. Thanks to the Euro.

I'm not here for QE day  when Draghi the Deliverer turns on the money printing presses in the desperate hope of boosting the Eurozone out of despondency. I'm here to find out  why they can never manage to issue unqualified accounts and why they keep demanding ever more money from us (£11.3 billion this year) and wasting it on projects like Galileo the satellite guidance system that leads nowhere.

Europe's whore house  has fine restaurants and pleasure palaces where the Euro parasites live in a dream world far removed from the reality of youth unemployment,forced austerity and miserable deflation .In their splendid insulation worship the Euro and ignore the damage its doing to the weaker economies. Better  to dream dreams of ever closer union than face up to the reality of fractious falling apart as misery builds the strength of the extreme right and anger against immigrants

Two weeks ago I watched a session of Europe's play way Parliament. The UKIP leader made a brilliant sustained attack on Jean Claude Junker. Le  Pen followed with a more bitty tirade. No one else made a clear cut indictment of his record in robbing the other states by letting companies pay their taxes in Luxembourg. Junker sat there throughout with a contemptuous smile said everyone was doing it. Not though on a scale so great that little Luxembourg has turned tax fiddling into its major industry and made themselves rich in the process.

Very Europe. How fitting that this ramshackle mess should be presided  over by Europe's biggest  tax fiddler,the man who's robbed them all to make his country rich. Enjoy Brussels Mitchell. You're paying for it.

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