Tuesday 13 January 2015


In their effort to show Labour as respectable and cautious the people's Ed and Dapper Douglas are now setting to our stall as the Euro enthusiastic party: Je suis Jean Claude.

Sauf moi.Vacuous euro-enthusiasm does us no good .The EU isn't a very salient issue but most people are pretty sceptical about it .Now that it's turned itself into the Hugh unemployment low growth black spot of the world economy no one really likes it.

Nor is it sensible when the costs of the EU remain so high - our annual net contribution is now £11 billion and ,the cost of the CFP which steels all the fish we should be catching and processing here and the C a p which forces us to buy their overpriced food add another £12 billion all of it paid across the exchanges by a nation whose trade deficit is running at 6% of GDP. Exporting money to Europe to depress demand and economic growth at home is a marvellous way of expressing our devotion

We haven't even thought of the difficulties EU regulations on state aid will put in the way of our industrial policy and the effort to support and expand manufacturing. Who will invest when there's every possibility of developments being struck down as illegitimate stare aid? And who will pay their taxes when the EU allows them to pay a much lower rate in Luxembourg or Ireland. Greater love hath no party than that it shove so much money into Europe!s pockets as a compulsory voluntary offering instead of thinking about how difficult the EU will make it to rebuild British strength we burbles on about the three million jobs which are always trundled out as threat end  unless we join the Euro or if we Criticise the EU in any way.

Labour stands forth as Europe's praetorian guard protecting it from the slings and arrows of outrageous UKIP. Uncontrolled immigration forcing down wages? let me come. Stupid regulations ?Lay em on. Give the people a vote?Can't do that .They may vote to come out and frighten Jean Claude our mate.

E U if you want to. I don't.

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