Monday 16 March 2015

The Great Business Con

Those who beset us round
With dismal stories
If they manage to confound
Their strength the more is
Paraphrased from the hymn To be a Grim Pill. The trick these dismal dealers hope to pull is to make Labour combine middle class voters and business  as if they were the same thing and both of them terrified and repelled by any symptom of radicalism or socialism. So when they say Labour must be more friendly to business they mean that we mustn't frighten the middle classes. It's back to Blairism: the belief that we can't win by appealing to the working class but must reach up the social scale.

It just ain't true. Business is not one great common block clamouring for tax cuts and de-regulation. Middle class is not another block being divided between the altruistic and the greedy.And their interests don't lie together. In fact insofar as people feel oppressed and done down by big banks overcharging utilities tax cheating multi nationals and  greedy self enriching directors the middle class are more angry about cheating.capitalism than the workers who're inured to the excesses of predatory capitalism and never experienced anything better.

Cameron's achievement has been to weld the classes together against his Neo-liberal world and to build support for Milliband's critique of over-charging utilities,excessive pay and bonuses,brutal banks,inefficient railways and all the business tax cheats facilitated by the big four accountancy houses.The enemy is scale,crushing workers 
And increasingly, angering the better off,  treating customers like cattle and frustrating everyone.That's the reason why so many are fed up and feel they're not being heard, listened to or respected in a brutal world of clumsy monoliths determined to screw all they can out of the people. In a world of the Greedy over rich and a Conservative party which now acts as their protective society the majority stand without.

All classes have a nobler vision of their country. It's time to do better and cut things down to human scale

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