Sunday 8 March 2015


It's a mistake to treat all UKIPPERs as the same identifiable species and dismiss them all as prejudiced fruitcakes who don't like EUROPE. There are many reasons for being fed up with the present political and economic system and many of them are valid and should be dealt with not denied.

What is true is that there are two groups of UKIPPERS differentiated by class but sharing one common feature: they're less well educated than the rest which makes them more disgruntled and more prone to seize on easy answers.

The more middle class ones are fed up with British decline and the rise of the big bully corporations which dominate lives. They complain of being held back by regulations, mostly coming from the EU, paying too  much tax to support scroungers and itinerant Bulgarians and feel no one listens to them.

Those lower down the social scale are hit by static incomes, casual employment, job shedding and takeovers. They too feel pushed around, unprotected and that no one listens to them or cares about them. 

The common factor is lack of education for in all classes the educated have done better at protecting themselves, are better paid and come from more stable back grounds rather than the broken homes, single parent families, family and social breakdown which is more likely to hit the less well educated. People are fed up with parties and the political system because it's failed them  But it's failed the educated less than the less well educated so they're less pissed off (though being educated they wouldn't put it that way.. 

Lack of education  makes them less interested in politics, more prone to easy answers and less able to understand its complexities or accept its slow responses.No one in their right minds would expect even the best of parties (say Labour) to be right in every respect but in their black and white world they do.

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