Monday 2 March 2015


The print media, particularly my old mate Rupert's mob, have become so frenzied in their assaults on Labour and their attempts to destroy every item of policy we announce that it's impossible to see how they can up the ante when we're actually in the election and the Tories begin to look as though they're gong to lose. Hysteria is going to look bad.

Particularly for Rupert. He's full of right wing shit these days and it's beginning to colour even his qualities in an unattractive way but he also likes to back winners and then trade his support for commercial advantage  rather than personal power. That  was Beaverbrook's game not Rupe's.

So as it begins to look as though Labour will win and turning the Times into a Tory propaganda sheet has all been for nothing he's going to be more than upset. He'll face the prospect that no one will listen to his rants against the BBC, that government will require Sky to pay for the BBC and ITV transmissions which bring in the viewers and to invest more in British production rather than American junk and that there'll be a beefed up press commission and a restriction on ownership shares .In short Rupe's hardening political prejudices will have produced his own worst commercial nightmare.

At which point he'll begin to worry He'll feel that his acolytes have gone too far and that he should have made some effort to get on terms with Milliband in the way he bought Blair.When magnates grow old their politics grow cold and their influence gets frozen off. Sorry Rupe Playing the parties against each other was fun but investing everything in the Tories is too much of a risk for the old.

You livened things once. A real stirrer. You shouldn't have become a bore.

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