Tuesday 24 March 2015


Is Cameron loosing his grip? The  Big Cobber Crosby  must be bashing his bush hat as his boss the master of PR and related trades staggers from one pre-election clanger to another.First we have the big mistake of refusing to take part in leader debates unless they're crowd spectaculars featuring everyone and their dogs. Can't spend years denouncing Milliband then showing you're scared to face him in debates.

Then we have the mysterious  leak at the week end that a Tory group is organising to save Cameron for the nation and the Tory Party when he's defeated on 7 May. That goes a long way to demonstrate confidence.

Finally comes his own announcement (made in his third kitchen) that he'll only serve one more term apparently cancelling his earlier plan to go when he can't get better terms from the EU so as to fulfil his plot to keep Britain in the EU..That won't silence his Tory critics who find him too clever by half or the alternative leaders who'll face a last minute transfer of power when they'd all prefer a longer run in.

The only explanation must be that he's rattled because he's having to eat too many words and make too many concessions to UKIP to keep his unruly mob going.I don't know what's behind all this because I'm no expert in abnormal psychology but it does make  the Conservative argument that they offer strong leadership and stability look pretty daft and make Labour's strong leadership look even more attractive.

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  1. Nothing could make Miliband look like a STRONG leader.

    He's also more of a toff than Cameron who was born not with a silver spoon in his mouth but the full dinner service so, that really is saying something.

    Also, you seem to miss the point being made about your millionaire, 2 kitchens owning leader.

    Cameron doesn't pretend to be anything other than what he is - an old Etonian toff

    Ed Miliband is THE reason many will not vote Labour in May.