Saturday 28 March 2015

Day in the life of an almost XMP.


Just helped to launch Labour's campaign for Louth and Horncastle with the adoption of Matt Brown our candidate to succeed Sir Peter Tapsell. Excellent speech by Matt to Labour Party which is like Labour parties used to be and should be. Intelligent, serious, concerned and loyal and more interested in policy and what Labour needs to do than in apportioning blocks for canvassing and ordering people out into the streets.A really uplifting experience.

Good luck Matt. Louth needs a change because Tory towns tend to get neglect ed suffering from the run down of health and social services and a hostility to development.Difficult to win but we need to boost the vote there as everywhere and give the people of Louth hope that better times lie ahead.

Puzzled by the hostility to Nicola Sturgeon and Alec Salmond whore being attacked as if they were BRITISH Jihadis  or aliens who have no right to say anything South of the border.
It's damn stupid on  the one hand they're accused of being wreckers and vandals determined to wreck the British constitution  but on the other if they say anything about BRITISH politics and government they're denounced.

Let's be clear.The number of SNP MPs will increase.Whether they support or oppose either of the two governing parties in government is up to them and if neither has a majority they've a perfect right to join a coalition or give it whatever form of support they want and to ask for concessions in return.

What the LibDems did in 2010 the SNP can do in 2015 and and a party leader who rejects their support in advance or says will not deal deserves to fail. Like it or not  we're in multi party politics now and it's up to the major parties to accept that smaller parties can have purer principles  but at the end of the day deals will have to be done and leaders should think about them now.

Power is more important than the implementation of the full majesty and beauty of the manifesto or the purity of our implementable principles.
Loved the Internet joke that OPAS had examined Richard III and found that he was fit for light work or driving a fork lift.Perhaps UKIP can select him to replace on of the candidates they keep firing. In Yorkshire of course.

Who's going to be the first smart Alec commentator to say the campaign hasn't been launched yet but I'm bored already?

Won't put the Mitchell clocks back tonite. I don't want to lose an hour of my last day as  Member of Parliament. Totally unfair.

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