Monday 9 March 2015


I love the way the parties are preparing for the post election deals that will be necessary after the election by tying each other hands about who they'll deal with and how. Cameron demands that Labour should 't work with the SNP because you never know what they've got under their kilts, Labour warns the Tories about the unionists, and the Lib Dems are desperate to hitch a ride with anyone and everyone shudders at the thought of sex with UKIP

Quelle farce. No one can take any partners until  the music begins to play after the election result then there are only two rules. One whichever party has the largest number of seats has first shot and can come to any arrangement it likes to give it a majority to govern. Taste has nothing to do with it. Only survival counts.

Second the majors need to be well prepared with a agenda as the Tories were in 2010 when they were able to con the Lib-Dems into suicide because they knew Cleggie and Laws were crypto Tories who'd do anything for a place in the sun. Many Labour people felt the Libs had betrayed their principles which are similar to Labours which is true but I took the view that on the numbers there was no alternative however weak the Lib-Dem negotiators

Thirdly there's no rush. It takes as along as it takes. In New Zealand the deal between NZ First and National  took six weeks. We'd have market turmoil if that happened here because older Brits are masochists and want the smack of firm government, preferably on other people's botties

In fact we don't need it. Strong government a la Thatcher only  does damage. So don't panic. The pound would fall. That's good for exports (-after all constant crisis is the EU's way of keeping the Euro low to keep Germany super competitive and we need a much lower exchange rate)

So the only problem with long negotiations is that Britain might have to wait a little longer for a Labour Government to reverse austerity and rebuild .We can even use the negotiations as the reason we need to drop our dafter commitments like eliminating the deficit. All the minor parties are more Keynesian than we are. Only the Tories still peddle deflation in a manifesto which is austerity renewed like Dracula

Last time the Tories were the only party ready with proposals for a coalition which gave them. all they wanted and duped the Lib-Dems into supporting every folly. Labour must be ready with conditions which will end the pain, reverse the damage, and take us back to betterment


The party leaders are proving incredibly stupid over MP's pay.We work for years to get an Independant system to adjudicate on pay. It recommends a pathetic increase compensated for by cuts in pensions ad allowances and the party leaders immediately say they won' t accept it.

This is pandering in its most pathetic form. Parliamentary pay is far too low to attract the most able. More MPs are leaving at the end of one term than ever before because  the job is too tough the pay too low. If we can't get the rate appropriate to a tough job and its status then we are demonstrably pathetic  and deserve all that's not coming to us.

Which is a vital clue. Our leaders want to keep us that way. They want parties of underpaid hacks struggling to keep heads above the rising tide of work not members of stature capable of thinking for themselves and making trouble.They want dependants not Independants, third division footballers (but without the sex) not premier league players

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