Tuesday 3 March 2015


George Osborne is crazy. Like a fox. The crazy part is his economics which are of the Neo-liberal roll back the state free market brand best calculated to enrich the rich and crush the poor, the unions, and the lower orders to create the kind of society where money talks, rules, and multiplies which has already given us four years of miserable austerity and promises more and harsher cuts after the election.

The fox part is different. As apolitical strategist, the brains of the Tory party, George is much cleverer. The strategy is simple. Four years hard blamed on Labour for spending and borrowing too much. Then a relaxation, spending money they said they hadn't got, restoring investments they'd cut, splurging before the election to create a little happiness and claim it as the results of a long term plan they haven't had. Then win the election and put the people back on the grindstone which will be what they deserve for keeping the money men in power.

There's his masterly plan .Cynical and awful. But working. It's got Labour on the defensive arguing, rightly of course, that there wasn't a disaster in 2010 .Gordon Brown had taken the counter measures,  we were building houses, and the economy was growing again at a rate of 3%. Overspending wasn't responsible for the crisis and the debt: the banking crisis of 2008 was. It was expensive to save the banks but vitally necessary to do so.

All true but arguing and explaining it puts us on the defensive, means we're back in the past and playing the game on his terms not ours. We looks to be making excuses not telling the world how things can be improved.

The same's true of Osborne's other plot to portray us as anti-business. we ain't. We grovel before it  but again we're arguing on his terms and painting ourselves as cautious ,respectable, and unwilling to harm a business fly.

So once again Osborne sets the terms of debate and we aren't doing the job we need to do offering hope and a plan for the future for growth, jobs, and betterment to build a fairer society where business can't cheat the people or damage the economy by irresponsibility.

That's quite an achievement. Osborne has reversed polarities. He's got the grand grind party which represents big money portrayed as the party of jobs, investment, and growth and the Keynesian kids  shamed into caution timidity, turgid explanations about a crime they didn't commit and being nice to banks that everyone hates. Goebels couldn't have done better. Lapin thinks this man could even sell myxomatosis to rabbits!!!!

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