Monday 16 March 2015

Message from Karl Turner "Mitchell guilty but insane"

Message from Karl Turner in Hull :15 March 3-00 after my suggestion that the Tories would introduce a spare toilet tax. 

You're a joke Austin. It's very sad to see it but it's becoming increasingly apparent. You think it clever to attack us. It's not clever and you've had plenty out of the Party. Stop attacking us. I am reluctant to pull you up publicly because you love the attention so very much. If you can't say anything supportive just keep your opinion to yourself. We need to retain Grimsby. You've done little to help with that. And I doubt you've ever had a kitchen in Grimsby. Mili has one in Donny and mines massive in East Hull. Thanks.

Karl Turner is the MP for Hull East, Shadow Solicitor General and Tweet censor.

1 comment:

  1. Bravo Austin, as Karl once tweeted me out of the blue with "no wonder your wife hates you" then refused to respond or retract he has done little to endear me to his arrogance.

    Gary Stuart Wicks