Monday 1 June 2015

Why Labour lost. My last election sermon.

The Tories won. As usual. The four basic things to remember about the British electorate are:

 1) The Brits don't particularly like each other. So they're happy to see any other section punished as long as it's not them. It's always best to punish the poor because they deserve it for being dependent and going on about this doesn't win any sympathy for them or Labour. Since we now live in segregated suburbs not communities, most of the possessing classes think the poor are rolling in dosh and must lose it to energise them and rather less see and feel the misery of having nowt, no savings no holiday matter, no ability to meet sudden bills.

2) Les Brits have no understanding of economics, think the best way of dealing with economic difficulties is austerity (for the lower orders who're a lot of scroungers anyway) and think Keynes is a big spending queer.

3)They're conservative in instincts and easily frightened because they're no longer solidly secure.

4) They dislike politicians and politics  but see the Tories as non-political

All this loads the system towards the Conservative Party. Which is why Labour lost and it was Cameron's Queen's Speech. little box at Sovereign's gate (which I hoped to inherit) wasn't there and nor was I. The speech was for workers not layabouts, scroungers and pensioners. New blue worker Toryism promises them a better deal out of the crumbs which will fall from the better laden tables of the rich if they'll just be patient and work a bit harder.

I didn't mind because the Tories triumphant are a terrible sight. They look a nasty lot to me and they face a divided opposition so for the moment they can get away with anything.Until the first by -elections flash up a warning signal.I've no idea how new blue Cam is going to keep this right wing mob happy. He won't get enough concessions from the EU to keep them (or me ) happy.He can't find the extra money for the health service. He'll have to pay the housing association large sums to give away their houses (or cheat as he did on council housing) At some stage interest rates will have to go up, fucking everyone and we can't afford to run a trade deficit on this scale plus pay our huge Danegeld to the EU much longer.

But none of that matters because unhindered (or is it unhinged) by Liberal whingers and whiners  the Tory party can do what it wants and the electorate will get what they voted for but didn't realise. That was better times and tax cuts ahead but it was predicated on continued growth at the 2014 rate which it ain't going to get.


1) it's petering out 

2) it was due to the bank's cheap money and print more policy which can't be pushed any further 

3) the cuts to come will reduce demand 

4)business ain't investing and too much investment is going into asset inflation and housing  

5)folk are hung down with debt 

6)government isn't investing enough in housing and infrastructure and too much in follies like HST and Trident reducing the deficit in recession and cutting borrowing to invest when interest rates are so low is economic folly 

7)manufacturing and exports aren't growing because the pound is too strong. 

8) productivity is so low cos business won't invests

Apart from that all's well.Particularly if you're rich, have house in London and love overseas holidays. enjoy. The workers won't mind. They voted for it didn't they? So Enjoy! For the moment but fasten your seat belts. There's a rough ride ahead.


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