Sunday 14 June 2015

I have recovered!

Great fun over Republican nominations for president.Must now be a score,all fairly unsuitable some positively undesirable with Bush hovering in the bushes.Twenty candidates on policy.Too many to fit in a FoxTV studio so they've decided to establish two tiers-mad and half mad. The most amazing tbing is the way the republicans just don't give up .They''re still trying to kill Obama care so its implementation is patchy and its penetration less than expected. On abortion various states are trying to cripple provision in various ways Texas by demanding the full surgical provision of a major hospital so that clinics which cant afford it {most} are having to closed elsewhere by demanding great numbers of referrals, warning lectures or twenty week limitations.Haviing ruled it legal the supreme court seems unwilling to rule that what's legal should be provided . It's a kind of reverse Eugenics;. The well off can afford posh clinics.The poor cant get abortions. So they breed and because they're more numerous more have to be kept in prison to protect the wilting middle class. Fuck Fuck Ye lower middle classes.and rescue the race.If you're going to have a successful abortion policy you'd have to ban them for the middle classes but offer them free to anyone whose likely to breed potential criminals
Friday 12 June Claude Loveable and Roly come to dinner, cooked on the gas fired mighty Wurlitzer which I'm incapable of handling..Americans don't have the over elaborate dinner parties North London hosts {{thank God} but more rough and ready barbequeue affairs .Casual dress Casual food. With Barbeque sauce
Saturday 13 June Dinner at Claude's with Loveable  Place is festooned with photos of Claude at various ages. No Roly today
Sunday 14 June Full recovery. Lunch in Cambria an up market more settled place than Cayucos which was bush forty years ago and now had luxurious houses but no beach.Oldies don't need one. Then back and by accident watch PM's QTs something I always hated when I could go but found fascinating now I can't.Lots of new faces asking the same old questions [incompetently in the case of the woman who beat Balls} plus the usual idiots, creeps and pillocks with Cameron a master of the situation. He really is good at PM's QT largely I suppose cos he's so good at PR and doesn't have any principles of his own so there's nothing to stop him giving the answers they want.This is his greatest hour. It can only be downhill  from here on in but in his pomp he's brilliant and perfectly suited to PMsQT if not to PM's job

Only one mention of the "long term economic plan" [which got a derisory cheer] but mostly the same old distributed questions all of which were brushed aside though more considered and genuine point got s seri0us answer which probably won't lead anywhere.Only consolation from watching is that if I'd been able I wouldn't have gone there. but miss it now I can't. The game is fun for those taking part,no much good to watch and produces a feeling of let's have another beer.
Dinner at Duckies.More clam chowder Completion of works on the pier dated for 15 June but also for August. We'll not see it. Linda threatens new walking regime tomorrow.. Beginning to think I could love vegetating here. 

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