Friday 5 June 2015

We are not well, but watching MSNBC

Bad luck's begun, Instead of bouncing with health after walks and glowing with tan from the sun, the sun's gone in, it has actually rained [briefly and softly] and we're both proper poorly with colds and sore throats, cough cough cough and flowing with phlegm. Appropriately the sun has gone and with it the good weather as we decline too tired to get up early and walk, too sick to go out. The most we attempt is a brief visit to Slo  nominally to the farmers market but we get too weary even to stay for that, go to MO's  and then home to watch TV in my case. Slo is a lovely little university town.. I'll bet it will be great for Arch but wonder if its too small for sophisticated Maze. American students seem so much younger.Small towns are the joy of Saturday Evening Post America but for oldies like me who live in the past anyway. Young people prefer big cities and Maze will be coming from Leeds with half a million to Slo with 50,000. Sally says all the gorgeous female students are known as Polydollies.

Have found MSNBC at last. It's a delight.Politics all day and good hard hitting programmes -hard hitting the republicans that is. A brilliant antidote to Fox and much better but I'm not sure whether it gets a bigger audience. With CSpan covering congress and conferences you can watch politics all day and be fully informed-something you cant do in Britain even if you take Radio 4 intravenously.Trouble is minor things get blown up into sensations there's constant hype and on a dull day everything gets done to death.

Still as we move towards the presidential campaign things are happening. Hastert the former speaker of the House [who greeted the BAPG and gave a lunch for us] a big cheery coach type bloke {sport coach not built like a bus} has been blackmailed for some sexual offence when he was a teacher, the leaders of both houses  of the New York congress have been turned out for corruption and candidates are rushing forward-looks like 15 Presidential candidates for the Republicans.

Today the former governor of Texas Rick Perry declared in an amazing rant every word of which was cheered as uttered by a small crowd while Perry was flanked by two heavies who scowled at the crowd like  a mafia guard unshook amidst a bursting world. The speech covered tasking his Dad to Omaha beach, support for our brave boys, realising the American dream [watching pornography in a cadilllac parked in the double garage of a house on Malibu beach} and lashings of jobs and growth. On the other side Chafee of Rhode Island a Democrat governor but also former republican senator and independent too gave a mild little lefty lecture against Hillary and Hillary herself denounced Republican efforts to reduce voting rights..The election is not until November 2016

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