Tuesday 5 May 2015


Only three days to go and it's clear this election should have been brought forward so we can get it over more quickly.The parties have run out of things to say.The newspapers have run out of abuse of Miliband (Edstones apart) and the horrors which will ensure from a Labour government, the electorate is bored and even the candidates have run out of the debating points. They've been deluged with endless repetition which damages the brain.

Yesterday I watched all the regional Question Time on BBC Parliament and was depressed by the quality of the candidates. On programme after programme Tory candidates were chanting the same mantra about the "long term economic plan" or "A strong health service needs a strong economy" 
(Meaning we're not likely to get either) while the Libs countered about"moderating the extremes" and the Greens (who had better candidates) poured out naive impossibilities and UKIP (whose candidates ranged from good to awful)

One thing was clear. They've all been well drilled and can parrot the policies. But they're all just giving the party line. No trace of original thought or their own ideas or any propensity to dissent. The opportunities for dissent will be enormous in a hung parliament but the new chums will be less likely to see them and more inclined to do as they're told by leaders who haven't much idea either.

That means less rebellion more concentration on grinding government down. It's going to be tough but worse for the Tories who'll have more trouble over Europe because they can't define what they want out of a renegotiation and their UKIPer majority won't be satisfied with the conjuring trick Harold Wilson did in 1975. They'll have trouble too over the cuts which are going to be painful if they get back.

A Labour government will be harder work conciliating the SNP, but a Tory one will be messier and more fun to watch as the promises poured out at this election come home to roost..


Russell Brand calls for an emergency vote for a revolution. Surely it should be 
an emergency non vote for a non- revolution?


The Editor of the Independent on Sunday hasn't yet accepted my bet that Melanie Onn will win Grimsby by over 2000, she has more faith in the dire prediction of her journalist.

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