Saturday 18 April 2015

We need revolution in the North

The North feels exploited if only because it has been. Labour has always relied on our votes  and those of Scotland to win power but it's also trimmed its offer and moderated its politics and appeal to win votes in the more conservative South .The result is that it's never delivered to the North or Scotland on the scale and with the policies we both need and deserve

Scotland has now rebelled and thanks to devotion and the rise of the SNP it's demanded more and better and I've no doubt that with McLabour it will get it. Which leaves the North in an even worse situation  because Scotland will now demand and get more, Labour will still go for caution and moderation to crawl to the south and we'll be left with  the scrapings from the barrel

Time now for the North to rebel and for Northern MPs to stand together to demand the same deal as Scotland. Not crumbs from the rich table of the South but a better deal for the North. Labour has taken over our seats for leaders, incomers, apparatchaps and shadow cabinet ministers, but we're not a colony .What Scotland gets we must have as our reward for loyal service .


 Ashcroft is spending a lot of money on polls that are all to pot. Today's says UKIP are pushing  Labour close in Grimsby but the race in Cleethorpes is neck and neck between Tories and Labour. That must be total rubbish because the two towns are one community  and UKIP's impact in both will be the same.
His problem is that the sample in any one constituency is small  and inevitably unrepresentative .Best ignored


Is Any Questions a party political programme for Jonathan Dimplebum or a discussion?Is if possible for Jonathan to shut up or does he have right to play John Humphries with his panelists?

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